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Isaac “iSack” Negron

Isaac “iSack” Negron lives up to his name: the star defender’s been harassing offenses and sacking quarterbacks since 2009, before the league was even called the A7FL, with no plans of canceling the chaos he creates on the field.

Last season, Negron rejoined his former team the NJ Savage after a hiatus with the now-defunct Union City Chiefs. The 2013 A7FL Comeback Player of the Year teamed up with Olajuwon “Olay” Bell to form a pass-rush duo that the rest of the league wishes they never had to face. “Olay’s a former all-state wrestler, so those takedown skills carry over—the guy’s a tackling machine,” says Negron. “It’s good to be back with all these guys and I’m thankful they welcomed me back with open arms.”

The feeling of excitement surrounding his return last season was definitely reciprocated by his teammates. “He transforms from a Dad to this animal on the field–it’s crazy to see,” remarks NJ Savage star Olay Bell, “Couldn’t ask for a better teammate or brother.”


Guys like iSack were made for this league, discovering their passion for football in its purest form: pickup games at the park. “I’ve always loved football, and I didn’t really get the opportunity to play on an organized team growing up, so streetball was always the way for me play the game I love,” says Negron, “But now, I have an opportunity to keep playing with the A7FL, so I’m focused on making the most of it, whatever it takes to win a championship.”

You might think that with three kids at home, two jobs, and an impressive array of side hustles would sideline Negron, but he still even squeezes in time to hit the gym five times a week to stay in football shape. “It can be a little crazy, my wife is a huge help with the kids, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without her support. On Saturday nights. I’m working as a bouncer until four in the morning and we have a game the next day,” says Negron. “It could even be an early game in Baltimore which is a three-hour drive for me. I guess I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love the game so much, but when I’m on the field it’s worth every second of the grind.”

Despite winning a title in 2017 with the old Union City Chiefs, Negron knows how much it would mean to bring in a championship where it all started with the NJ Savage and for his hometown Newark. But this upcoming season has even more meaning for Negron. Tragically this past month, Angel “Pocho” Oquendo, a member of the NJ Savage and A7FL fraternity, lost his battle to cancer.

“Obviously, with everything that’s going on we weren’t able to start the year on time,” says Negron. “But when we pick things up, this season is going to be dedicated to him, it’s about more than football for us this year.”

Isaac “iSack” Negron has paid his dues in the league; he’s seen it all, and pretty much tackled them all, too. But this season he’s looking at things with a new perspective. Whenever the smoke clears, he’ll be a man on a mission: QBs better watch out!