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Derrell “Bone” Harris

It’s not every day that you see a guy Derrell “Bone” Harris’ size do the things that he does on a football field. 

At 300 pounds and brimming with impressive athleticism, Bone is definitely an A7FL force to be reckoned with. Football’s traditional school of thought is to put the big guys on the line and let them block. If that were the case in the A7FL, the world would miss out on Bone’s electrifying playmaking ability on both sides of the ball (something that opposing teams would probably be okay with). But like Rob Gronkowski has proven in the NFL and Bone proves in American 7s,, big guys with the tools to play skill positions can dominate on the gridiron.

Football has always been a big part of Bone’s life – starting as a child playing in the backyard with friends and continuing to his time playing for Baltimore’s Patterson High. Bone grew up idolizing Randy Moss, and the Hall of Fame wide receiver’s influence can definitely be seen in Bone’s offensive game. But Bone’s also a genuine utility knife, playing both sides of the ball and nearly every position. While he can literally do it all on the field and do it in dominant fashion, Bone believes he’s at his best playing receiver. “There’s not a lot of guys who matchup well with me,” says Bone, “I like using my size and speed, getting a little physical. There’s no better feeling than going up and getting a ball over someone.”


It was a match made in heaven when Bone heard from a friend about a certain new, no helmets, no pads football league that would allow him to keep playing the game that he loved while showcasing his unique skill set. Even in the early, rag-tag, days of the league, it was clear that Bone had found home. “It was just guys who loved playing football,” says Bone, “That’s what it still is, which is why I love it. It’s just crazy to think about how much it’s grown.

Bone returns to the Baltimore Cobras with high expectations for the upcoming season. He thinks they will be able to build on their 2019 success, an impressive 7-3 record and semifinal appearance. “I usually like to let my game speak for itself, and don’t really talk at all,” says Bone, “But last year, I think I stepped up and became more of a leader. My guys know that I’ve been doing this for a while, and they really responded and upped their game.”

During the week, Bone is your everyday family man (“I’m just a normal dude,” he notes). He works as a security officer then goes home to his girlfriend and his two sons. But when Sundays come around during the season, it’s a different story. As Bone puts it, “On gameday, I’m ready to go!”

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what you would get if you could cross The Fridge and Randy Moss, look no further than A7FL legend Derrell “Bone” Harris.